Tactics for the Paintball Player.

Written by: D. P. Allen, Capt. Inf. U.S.Army, (ret.)
Copyright 1992

Revised and updated for second printing, Copyright 2016.

The complete book of tactics and paintball playing for the individual or team.

*Pocket sized so that it can go to the field with you.

*Plastic "lay flat" binding for easier use and page keeping. No glued binding to come apart.

*Fully illustrated with clear, concise explanations.

Written by a retired U.S. Army "Mustang", (NCO commissioned as an officer.) Border Patrol Agent, paintball consultant, referee and dedicated player.

Member: International Paintball Players Association. (I.P.P.A.) and North American Paintball Referee Association. (N.A.P.R.A.)

This book brings many years of experience to the novice and experienced player alike.

First printing, 1992 by S.O.S. Publishing.
A few of the original, autographed, first edition books are still available for collectors.

Revision and second printing, 2016 by Amazon, Create Space.

Distributed by:
D. Allen Marketing
4243 E. Carey Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89115
(In a dome house. Just one more way I live outside of the box!)

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